The spoken word, the visual medium and the written word are all a part of my experience.

I wrote as a contributor to Here are some samples of my work as well as material written for two other magazines

Wind Power Without The Mills

written for FORBES MARCH, 2016 WIND POWER Without The Mills Bill Tucker Vortex Bladeless is a radical company. It wants to completely change the way we get energy from the wind. Think wind stick instead of a massive tower with blades that capture blowing winds. Wind...

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Big Data Goes To Work

written for FORBES OCTOBER, 2015 BIG DATA GOES TO WORK Bill Tucker Big Data. It’s everywhere. You can’t turn on the tv or stroll out onto the internet without hearing about big data solutions. At the end of September, one of my fellow Forbes contributors published a...

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The Power Of The Force

written for Forbes DECEMBER, 2015 The Power Of The Force; The Curious Case Of The EmDrive Bill Tucker We talk a good game when it comes to disruptive. Go to LinkedIn and enter the word “disruptive” in the search box and you will get a long list of Disruptive...

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Turmoil to Democracy?

written for FUSION Magazine MARCH, 2016 TURMOIL TO DEMOCRACY? Bill Tucker Hundred of thousands of people have taken to the streets of the Middle East. The pictures are transforming and moving. They spill onto our TV’s, computers and magazines bringing images of...

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written for The BLAZE Magazine MARCH, 2016 CALIPHATE Bill Tucker Sometimes a word, like a faded Hollywood starlet, makes a surprising return to the spotlight … and so it is for caliphate. The word owes its renewed popularity to Glenn Beck, who first raised the...

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