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An accomplished television professional: experienced in executive management, production, and on-air roles.

Life is a multitude of stories. Stories of dignity and stupidity, of love and hate, of breakthroughs and frustration.

There is an art to telling a story; turning a series of events in an apparently mundane setting and showing them to be moments that have been overlooked.
I do enjoy poking fun at public figures and their actions, mostly because I perceive the world in a cock-eyed fashion; I believe that if you can’t laugh or be amused by the world, it will kill you.
Living my life with this positive perspective has taught me the value of leadership; what it means to be led and to lead. In a time of few true leaders, the power of leadership has grown to even greater importance. I respect good leaders and strive to be one myself.

The Storyteller

I am always seeking a story to tell, and I pay particular attention to the the obvious ones— the stories that hide in plain sight, and are constantly overlooked. I focus on dreams that are undermined by life’s realities and supported by uncertainty, but are then later realized by everyday miracles. These are the real stories, and they can be found everywhere. My job, and my passion, is to give them the attention they deserve.

-Bill Tucker
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Emmy Winner for the Lou Dobbs Tonight series Exporting America

Emmy Nominee for the Lou Dobbs Tonight series War on the Middle Class

Emmy Nominee for the Lou Dobbs Tonight series Broken Borders

George Foster Peabody Winner for producing, “The Stock Market Crash”


Executive Producer | Anchor | Writer